We provide integrated logistics solutions in Hong Kong to customers located in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the PRC and Vietnam with the cargo destinations to U.S., Europe and other regions.

Our services principally involve the provision of freight forwarding and related logistics services through purchasing cargo space from airlines’ GSAs, shipping liners and other freight forwarders, and after that, either sell it to direct shippers or respective freight forwarders who act on behalf of their shipper customers, and eventually deliver the goods to their destinations.

Business Strategy

  • Further developing our existing portfolio of cargo routes from Hong Kong to U.S., Europe and other regions to boost sales performance and enhance market share in the integrated logistics solutions industry.
  • Enhancing our sales and marketing effort to maintain stable business relationship with our customer.

board of directors

Mr. Loy Hak Yu Thomas

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Mr. Zhang Pangfei

Executive Director

Ms. Wu Yushan

Executive Director

Mr. Lo Wing Sang

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ng Kam Tsun

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Chow Ming Po Aaron

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ho Yuk Ming Hugo

Independent Non-Executive Director